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1/34 scale Kenworth T880 with Tub-Style Roll-Off Container

October 1, 2018

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We are pleased to bring you our third and final replica model release of our 1/34 scale Kenworth T880 cab/chassis for 2018, this time featuring an all new configuration for the KW T880 with a tub-style roll-off container.  The roll-off body has never before been offered with this extremely popular cab. 

The roll-off container is designed to be transported by trucks.  A roll-off container is usually an open top dumpster characterized by its rectangular shape and utilizes rear - mounted rollers to facilitate rolling the container on and off the frame for ease of loading and unloading. 

The frame includes a hydraulically operated hoist system with a winch/cable and hook assembly mounted to it. The cable is “hooked” to front of the roll-off body and as the hoist is raised the container “rolls off” the hoist frame rails under the control of the winch system. The metal rollers on the back of the container guide it along the ground surface.  Most containers have an opening rear door, or doors, to aid in removal of the waste material. 

Roll-off containers are commonly seen at construction and demolition sites to haul the loads of debris or other types of “waste” to be removed. The convenience of the roll-off container is that it can be left at the job site for pick-up at a later date, and easily replaced with another as it is filled if necessary.    

When paired with the Kenworth T880 cab/chassis with roll-off hoist, the 425 horse powered truck model has a 60,000 pound load capacity, commonly powered by a Cummins ISX engine.  Our Kenworth replica truck cab and frame is constructed of sturdy diecast metal, as is the roll-off container body.  The authentically detailed hoist can actually be raised and lowered for on-loading or removing the container body. 

The truck itself features an accurately detailed cab interior, and chrome-plated accessories including the front bumper and grille guard, grille frame, grab bars, fuel tank, exhaust stack, and steps.

The undercarriage and chassis feature the accurately detailed drive train, hydraulic hoses, axle assemblies with springs and brakes detail, transmission, and fire extinguisher bag.   

This amazing model will be available sometime this month and we trust it will find its way into your collection!

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