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1/34 scale International LT Day Cab with Ledwell Hydratail Trailer

November 1, 2018

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We are excited to expand our 1/34 scale diecast metal replica product line with the addition of the new International® LT™ Series Day Cab with Ledwell Hydratail Trailer.

The International® LT™ Series Day Cab is the most efficient truck delivered by Navistar. This new model includes major aerodynamic enhancements, technology and uptime, which all add up to operating savings.

Starting at the front, the three-piece bumper of the International® LT™ Series has been designed for easy serviceability with mounting tabs and bolts on the grille to make for easy repairs. The LT™ Series comes with long-lasting LED headlights that are best-in-class for pattern and intensity providing great visibility at night. Speaking of visibility, the new one-piece windows allow for more unobstructed side views. Improved placement of the cab and hood mirrors also aid in improved visibility, which equates to improved overall safety.

Under the hood, the International® LT™ comes with two engine options, either International® A26 or Cummins®  X15. Each engine offers ample horsepower and torque to get the job done.

Inside the cab you'll find an ergonomically designed space with improved elbow hip and leg room so drivers of all sizes can comfortably fit. Ease of operation is also taken into consideration and the International® LT™ Series offers a design where everything is in reach during operation.

When paired with the Ledwell Hydratail Trailer, the two models make a great pair for hauling machines and materials to and from construction sites  and other locations. The Ledwell Hydratail Trailer is part of the Ledwell signature series and is one of the most popular product lines. This style of trailer comes equipped with hydraulic ramps, making it easy to load and unload vehicles and equipment that needs to be transported.

Our 1/34 scale International® LT™ Series Day Cab features the authentic aerodynamic exterior design of the cab, detailed cabin interior, pivoting fifth-wheel for trailer attachment, detailed undercarriage, and many chrome-plated accessories including the front bumper, grille, mirrors, fuel tanks, steps, exhaust stack, headache stack, and wheels.

The Ledwell Hydratail Trailer features a diecast chassis with functioning front ramp that raises and lowers to access the mini-deck itself features two chain pans, including chain and chain tightening detail. In addition, the trailer raises and lowers and includes a poseable fold-under loading ramp.

This incredible model combination measures 23.75" long and is comprised of nearly 150 component parts.

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