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1/50 and 1/87 scale Volvo VNR 300 Day-Cab

June 1, 2017

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On April 20, 2017 Volvo Trucks North America unveiled their new Volvo VNR model truck. Volvo's goal for the new VNR was to give their customers a versatile truck to meet both their individual needs as well as the evolving challenges of goods delivery in the regional haul market. The VNR model is ideal for maneuvering through urban areas, for pickup and delivery, liquid tankers, dry bulk, flatbed and other regional haul applications.

The new VNR was designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, with an increased fuel economy of up to 3.5 percent compared to their previous regional haul model. It also features improved sightlines over the hood and has increased maneuverability and versatility in tight spaces.

Under the hoos you will find the fuel-efficient and powerful Volvo D11 engine offering up to 425 horsepower and 1,550 lb.-ft of torque. Due to the weigh-conscious temperament of the regional haul applications, this D11 engine was designed to fit the new VNR models. With that in mind, the Volvo VNR model can also be spec'd with a Volvo D13 engine for models that work outside the regional haul market. The D13 engine offers 500 horsepower and 1,850 lb.-ft of torque.

During development, Volvo also took into consideration the work space for the driver offering a full ergonomically designed cab interior with optimized dashboard that displays all the critical information a driver needs at a glance. Also, as no two drivers are exactly alike, the new Volvo VNR feature's Volvo's recently invented Perfect Position steering wheel, which offers a three-way neck tilt that gives drivers and endless array of choices for positioning the steering wheel. Additionally, the VNR seating has been refined based on extensive ergonomic research. Drivers will now benefit from optimized seat placement, increase range of adjustments, and more access controls.

In addition to comfort, safety was and always is a key component during the development of a new model. The new VNR model has many safety technology enhancements including the Volvo Active Driver Assist that warns drivers through sound a critical warning signal projects onto the windshield when they get too close to an object in front of them, and the system can automatically apply the brakes to lessen the chance for a collision. Additional features include automatic lighting and rain-sensing wipers, along with a lane change support system to provide visibility to those blind spots.

Our all new replicas of the Volvo VNR accurately capture the modern design and aerodynamic styling of the real truck. We are very pleased to be introducing this sleek new replica in not just one scale but two: the Volvo VNR day cab will be available in both 1/50 scale and 1/87 scale.

The more highly detailed 1/50 scale version features an opening hood with authentic engine detail, opening cab doors with accurately detailed interior, pivoting fifth-wheel, and detailed undercarriage. The more simplified 1/87 scale version still features the authentic design of the new model with accurately detailed cab interior and undercarriage.Trailer options have also been designed for each scale. In addition to new dry van trailers, there will also be a tank trailer available in either a food-grade or chemical-grade configuration!

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