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1/25 scale 1960s Ford Econoline Pickup

February 1, 2017

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The 1960s era Ford E-Series Econoline pickup was different than other pickups offered by Ford Motor Company in that it featured a unibody, cab-over design. Although the engine cover was in the cab, Ford was still able to create a roomy space and offered a longer truck bed, while still maintaining an overall compact size. By offering this unibody construction, accessing the engine through the cab, and adding weight to the rear of the truck for balance, Ford was able to achieve a truly economical and iconically designed truck.

The E-Series pickups may not have been Fords' most popular pickup in their product line at the time, but the niche that the Econoline pickups filled was popular among light-duty commerical and utility businesses such as telephone companies, service providers, farmers, and various delivery services to name just a few. The Econoline pickup was sought after by these business-types due to the amazing 25 to 30 mile per gallon fuel economy, roomy cab with storage behind the seats, longer seven foot box that offered up to 23% more room, yet three feet less truck length to handle, and a 3/4-ton payload!

Introduced in 1961, Ford produced almost 15,000 of the Econoline trucks in the first year. By 1963 the total had declined to around 11,000, and by 1966 and 1967 less than 3,000 units were manufactured each year. The main reason for the declining sales throughout its lifespan was competition. Not only was the Econoline E-Series competing with other Ford trucks, but due to its initial success it also faced increased competition from other truck manufacturers, both foreign and domestic.

Despite, or maybe because of, the fact that Econoline was only in production for seven short years, the pickup in its various configurations remains today an iconic and highly collectible truck to own. It is sought after by pickup collectors and enthusiasts alike, and interesting and innovative restorations and custom rebuilds are very popular with these early model E-Series trucks.

With that in mind, First Gear is very pleased to announce the next extension to our 1.25 scale product line, the 1960s Ford Econoline Pickup! This diecast metal replica model features the iconic cab-over design with under-the-chassis engine and transmission detail, including complete exhaust system, oil filter, drive shaft, fuel tank and spring details. The accurately detailed cab interior includes steering wheel and dashboard, as well as two bucket seats on each side of the interior engine cover. In addition, there are plenty of chrome-plated accessories including front and rear bumpers, headlights bezels, side mirrors and wheel hubs. This authentically replicated model will make a great addition to your own diecast replicas collection!

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