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Farm Country Series

August 1, 2017

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We are extremely excited to announce an all new addition to our product line - the "Farm Country Series" of metal figurines!

This new series has been designed to capture the authentic essence of life on the farm. As First Gear is a located in a small rural town surrounded by farm life, this new series is based on the real-life experiences of farmers in our local area - although youngsters from all over the world in rural areas can most likely relate to the image of this sculpt. Inspiration has been drawn from close friends and family members, and we trust you will enjoy this series as we continue to move forward.

Our first release is the series is entitled the 'First Bottle Feeding' and consists of a two piece set depicting the early morning feeding of a baby calf. Every child with the opportunity to have been raised on a farm seems to have a special attachment to a particular farm animal at some point in their young life, beyond or in addition to the usual dog or cat. Sometimes it's a piglet, sometimes a pony, or maybe even a lamb, but very often it is a calf. And if they also happened to belong to a particular age related club or organization, that bond can become even stronger - almost like that of a sibling in one sense - due to the amount of time they spend together.

Hopefully this figurine has brought back some fond memories of your own for those of you fortunate enough to have brown up on a farm. There are just some especially warm experiences in our early years that we never forget, and don't want to forget for that matter! May this figurine remind you of one of those special moments in your own life. These attractive 1/25 scale metal figures are hand-painted in a hyper-realistic style with a matte finish for an added touch of realism to make the figures come to life!

This new series of figurines is designed to complement your 1/25 scale diecast collection and will be a very creative and eye-catching addition to your collection of our 1/25 scale pickup trucks in particular, as well as any other farm equipment you may have. This detailed figure set would even make for a fantastic 'stand-alone' conversation piece on your mantle or shelf.

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