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1/50 and 1/87 scale Volvo VNL 760 Sleeper Cab

September 1, 2017

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On July 11, 2017, Volvo Trucks North America revealed another groundbreaking tractor to meet the needs of today’s long-haul trucking operations. The Volvo® VNL was designed with cutting-edge innovations in efficiency, productivity, safety and uptime. There are several configurations including an all-new 70-inch sleeper, which is the version that our replicas are based on.

The sleek design of the Volvo VNL effortlessly splits the wind with the new hood, bumper and lower airflow deflector, which work together to quickly manage airflow and efficiently channel it rearward. The roof air deflector and cab and chassis fairings, along with the side-view mirrors, were also aerodynamically designed to reduce turbulence moving the air more efficiently around the tractor.

In addition to the exterior design improvements, the interior of the tractor has also been designed in such a way as to provide the driver with complete comfort and improved productivity. The full ergonomically designed cab interior features optimized dashboard with displays of all the critical information a driver needs at a glance. Also, as no two drivers are exactly alike, the new Volvo VNL features the recently invented Perfect Position™ steering wheel, along with an ergonomically designed seat so drivers can fully optimize their comfort. And at the end of the day, when a driver needs a comfortable living space to relax and unwind, the new VNL sleepers are equipped with features to make the driver feel at home. The Volvo VNL 760 high-roof features the new 70” long sleeper that provides all the comforts of home!

Under the hood of the VNL you will find one of Volvo’s family of engines, either the D11 or D13, based on the application of the truck. The Volvo engines have been built on a foundation of proven, developed architecture that leverages innovative hardware to maximize performance and efficiency. All Volvo D11 and D13 engines carry a B50 life (also known as average life to overhaul) of 1.2 million miles!

Safety has been the guiding principle during Volvo’s development, and their innovative features show this commitment. The Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST) system detects imminent loss of control, jackknife or rollover event. The system will automatically reduce engine torque and selectively applies braking to help the driver keep the truck on course. In addition, the Volvo I-Shift transmission reduces the physical and mental demands of the driver by automatically changing gears so the driver can give full attention to surrounding traffic. The new VNL model also features the Volvo Active Driver Assist. This system warns drivers when they get too close to an object in front of them, and the system can automatically apply the brakes to lessen the chance for a collision.

Our new diecast metal replica Volvo VNL 760 Sleeper Cab accurately depicts the modern design and aerodynamic styling of the real trucks. We are once again pleased to offer these new collectibles in not just one, but two scales. The Volvo VNL 760 sleeper cab is available in 1/50 scale and 1/87 scale and corresponding 53’ trailers have also been developed.

The more highly detailed 1/50 scale version features an opening hood with authentic engine detail, opening cab doors with accurately detailed interior, pivoting fifth-wheel, and detailed undercarriage. The more simplified 1/87 scale version still features the authentic design of the new model with accurately detailed cab interior and undercarriage.

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