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1/25 scale International Harvester TD-25 Dozer with Enclosed Cab and Ripper

May 1, 2017

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It has been several years since we released our last 1/25 scale International Harvester dozer, so there seemed to be no more appropriate time to fill that void than during the commemoration of our 25th year in business!

The birth of the crawler-tracked equipment is said to have been driven by the agricultural industry in California, which required something more effective than wheeled tractors to work the soft ground of the delta region. The first production steam crawler was introduced as early as 1906, International Harvester Company entered the crawler tractor business in 1929 with the TracTracTor series, after being a major manufacturer of trucks and farm equipment for many years prior to that.Competitive development of crawler track equipment continued throughout the ensuring years among a number of manufacturers.

In 1938 International Harvester introduced the TD series leading to the release of the TD-25 in 1959. The TD-25 was one of the most popular, if not the most popular, models in the TD series product line. The TD-25 was equipped with the new inline 6-cylinder DT-817 turbo-charged, direct-start diesel engine capable of developing 87 horsepower with the gear driven version. An optional torque converter drive was also available on this model, and the engine had the capability of developing up to 230 flywheel horsepower.

Even in our own construction equipment product line, the International Harvester TD-25 was always one of the most popular dozers we have produced. Although we have a number of different versions of the TD-25 dozer since it was initially introduced, we found a version we had never done before to make this one truly unique! So without further ado, we are pleased to release a 1/25 scale International Harvester TD-25 dozer with fully enclosed cab with opening doors! The addition of the enclosed cab provides a significantly different appearance for this heavy duty machine complementing its already rugged look.

Among the numerous features of this outstanding replica are the diecast metal free rolling tracks and adjustable semi-U blade; the amazingly detailed DT-817B engine with starter, alternator, dust ejector, turbo charger, air cleaner, water pump, and radiator. Inside the accurately detailed, diecast metal cabin you will find the gear selector and hydraulic steering levers, decelerator and brake pedals, instrument console, and diamond plate floor. The multi-shank, 2-barrel adjustable ripper is also constructed of sturdy diecast metal. An authentic reproduction of the original Operator's Manual is also included!

This outstanding replica dozer measures 10.5"L x 6.25"W x 5.25"H and is comprised of nearly 300 component parts! This model will be available in both the standard IH yellow authentic paint scheme, along with a limited edition white demo version. These are certainly replicas you will not want to miss.

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