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1/50 scale Komatsu HD605-8 Dump Truck

March 1, 2018

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We are excited to yet again release a new model into our ever growing 1/50 scale Komatsu® product line. The Komatsu® HD605-8 Dump Truck is an off highway truck that has been used in mines around the world and has been engineered at the highest standards.

The HD605-8 come standard with Komatsu’s new emission regulation-compliant high performance SAA6D170E-7 engine, which is a powerful (775HP) and efficient EPA Tier 4 Final certified engine with the latest emission control technologies and fuel saving features. The auto idle shutdown system also reduces unnecessary fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

This model has an extra-long wheelbase, a wide tread and an exceptionally low center of gravity in order for the truck to haul loads at a higher rate of speed for greater productivity. These features also provide the driver with superior driving comfort even in a rough terrain. The McPherson strut type front suspension has a special A-arm between each wheel and the main frame. This wider space created between the front wheels and the main frame increases the turning angle of the wheel, and this larger turning angle correlates to a smaller turning radius to also help with increased proficiency.

The Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS) ensures the truck has optimum traction during soft or wet road conditions. If slippage is detected, the brakes are applied independently to each wheel set for optimum traction. This safety feature happens automatically without operation input and steering performance is not compromised during the process.

Inside the ergonomically designed cab of the Komatsu HD605-8 the operator’s compartment provides a convenient control layout with air suspension seat and comfortable environment for more confident operation and greater productivity. The automatic climate control system allows the operator to easily set and maintain a certain ambient temperature. Excellent heating/cooling capacity and air flow keep the cab environment comfortable throughout the year.

The operator cab is protected by the built-in ROPS/FOPS and conforms to the ISO 3471 ROPS standard and the ISO 3449 FOPS Level II standard. Other safety features include the rear monitor system so the operator can see behind the vehicle on a full color monitor located on the right side of the dashboard, and the dimple slip-resistant plates on all stairways and walkways.

The dump body of the truck is made of high-tensile-strength steel for excellent rigidity and low maintenance costs. The V-bottom design contributes to the structural strength and enhanced machine stability by centering the load at a lower center of balance.

First Gear is excited to introduce this incredible truck into our 1/50 scale product line. Our diecast metal replica Komatsu HD650-8 features the authentic design of the real truck with detailed operator cab, tilting dump body that can be locked to display in the up position, poseable front wheels, diecast railings and stairs, and set of chock blocks that can be stored in the brackets found at the front of the truck. This all new diecast metal replica measures approximately 8” long, 3.5” wide and 3.75” high and will be ready to add to your collection later this summer.

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