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1/34 scale Kenworth T880 with McNeilus Standard Mixer

June 1, 2018

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The Kenworth T880 is a dependable, versatile vehicle that is capable of performing the toughtest jobs, day in and day out. The T880 has been designed with strength as its core, along with stamina and operating economy, in order to keep the work moving forward.

The Kenworth T880 has a handful of configurations in order to maximize its performance, depending on the application needed. The set-back front axle version is available with either a MX optimized hood or a standard hood. The set-forward front axle options, known as the T800S, is also available. Since our current model has been designed to replicate the set-back front axle with MX optimized hood that is what we will focus on here.

The set-back front axle version results in a model with high maneuverability and has been designed with maximum productivity, optimized with distribution and body mounting flexibility for applications that require a lightweight yet robust solution. Such applications inlude: dump, vacuum, refuse, tanker, bulk trailer and ready mix.

Under the hood you will find the Kenworth T880 is powered by the high quality and reliable PACCAR MX engines. Two version of the MX engine are available depending on the application needed to get the job done.

The T880 has been designed to aid in everyday challenges that drivers face. An advanced technology with the "street-smart" design allows drivers to work efficiently. Standard features include a 5-piece hood design offering bolt-on fenders for quick replacement, cowl mounted durable aerodynamic side mirrors for greater stability and optimized visibility, complex reflecotr halogen headlights offering lighting performance without the extra costs, and a robust and extraordinarily strong door that is triple sealed against the elements and road noise. Additional options include the pre-cleaner to aid when operating in dusty conditions and forward fender close-out accessory to keep dirt, mud and spray at bay when running in an off the beaten path job.

Inside the cab of the Kenworth T880 you will find a quiet, spacious, state-of-the-art control center that fits the needs of drivers of every shape and size. The superior quality, craftsmanship, fit and finis of the interior are paired with an ergonomically designed, fully adjustable seat to ensure the driver's comfort. Real time information is also found at the fingertips of drivers with Kenworth's Driver Performance Center. The 5-inch full color, high resolution screen is easy on the eyes and at a glance can tell the driver everything they need to know.

As you can see the Kenworth T880 is an outstanding model and we have now replicated it into our 1/34 scale product line. The initial release of this model will be paired with our ever popular McNeilus standard mixer, with additional releases to come later in the year.

Our 1/34 scale diecast metal replica Kenworth T800 with McNeilus Standard Mixer features the authentic design of the Kenworth T880 with MX optimized hood configuration, accurately detailed cab interior, rotating mixer drum, poseable chute with chute extensions, and detailed undercarriage including full drive-train details. The model features chrome-plated accessories including grille, front bumper, exhaust stack, steps, fuel tanks and more. This new model combination measure approximately 8.25" long by 2.5" wide by 3" high and is comprised of nearly 140 component parts.

We trust this highly detailed diecast metal replica will find its way into your collection soon! 

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