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1/64 scale Mack B-61

April 1, 2018

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We are excited to announce the addition of the ever popular B-61 Mack cab to our growing 1/64 scale classic trucks diecast metal product line. This outstanding replica will initially be available in two configurations --- as a tandem-axle dump truck and as a tandem-axle tractor.

The B-Model truck line was first introduced by Mack Trucks, an American truck manufacturing company, in 1953 and was one of their most successful and popular models. The Mack B-61 had a pleasing, round cab roof appearance with split-V windshield, rounded door-window openings, tall vertical grilles, wide fenders, and “Frenched” headlights inset into the fenders, setting a new styling standard for trucks at that time. In addition, the B-61also offered a wide range of model variations making it a more versatile truck.

The year 1953 also marked the introduction of the famous Thermodyne open chamber, direct-injection diesel engine, which established Mack’s tradition of leadership in diesel performance and fuel efficiency.

The Mack B-Series was a welcomed addition to the Mack Trucks product line as sales went sky high. In 1956, a net profit of $12 million dollars was earned on sales of over 13,190 units. In addition, the early 1950s brought the development of the U.S. interstate highway network, which resulted in an increase of trucks on the road because they were able to get from city to city much easier, faster and more economically.

As construction continued, the need for dump trucks and other off-highway trucks was also in demand.  The Mack B series was perfectly capable of filling the need for vocational trucks of all types as it offered a wide range of models for various applications, including flatbed and logging trucks for example.

Production of the infamous Mack B-Series lasted thirteen years (1953 to 1966), and although it fell far short from the twenty-two year production span of the legendary early Mack trucks, the total of all models in the B-Series accounted for the largest production total of any Mack series up to that point in time. With more than 127,000 Mack B-Models produced, there are some models that are still in active service today. They are also highly sought after by truck collectors for restoration. 

So with much anticipation, we are very pleased to bring this iconic truck into our 1/64 scale diecast metal replica product line. Let’s first discuss the new Mack B-61 tandem-axle dump truck. This all new diecast metal replica features the authentic Mack B-61 cab design with detailed cab interior, marker lights and turn signals, air canister, grille guard, many chrome-plated accessories including side mirrors, dual horns, exhaust stack, grille, and infamous Bulldog hood ornament, nicely detailed undercarriage, tandem-axles, and chrome wheels. The tilting metal dump body has an opening tailgate. This replica model measures approximately 4.5” long, 1.75" wide and 1.75" high.

Our new 1/64 scale Mack B-61 tandem-axle tractor also features the authentic Mack B-61 cab design with all the features listed above as well as a pivoting fifth-wheel, mudflaps, and optional sleeper. To accompany the new B-Mack tractor we have also tooled a new era-specific trailer. Our diecast metal 40’ vintage tandem-axle trailer features mud flaps, landing gear, and chassis-mounted spare tire holder with spare tire. When paired with the Mack B-61 tractor this model combination measures 10.45” long, 1.75" wide and 2.25" high.

These new model combinations will be available to add to your collection in late summer 2018.  There will be a variety of color combinations and renowned marks featured on this model (Hint: Fallen Flag Series) so stay tuned!

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