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First Gear will custom imprint and/or custom tool promotional products according to your specifications. Our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to assist you in developing your promotional program, working with you from start-to-finish.

Custom Imprinting
For your custom imprint needs, our extensive line of products is perfect for premiums & incentives, fundraising, employee or customer gifts, awards, corporate promotions, commemorating special events, and for the joy of collecting. Almost all First Gear promotional products can be customized with your company or organization logo and graphics decoration. In most cases the art is printed directly on the unit to provide a longer lasting, better quality finish and appearance.

Our Process
It is very easy to get your First Gear custom imprint promotional program started. The process begins with your selection of the actual product and submission of your colors and graphics requirements to one of our on-staff sales associates. We will then develop a complimentary four-view composite ("comp") of the product based on the information you provide. When completed, this comp will be sent to you for review and approval, along with a firm quote for your program. Upon approval of the comp and receipt of your Purchase Order, we will schedule your product production run.*
* Pre-production photos and/or component parts may be provided for approval if needed.

Custom Tooling
If we do not have a specific item you are looking for, we can develop custom tooling per your requirements depending on the size of your order quantity. Our in-house engineering staff has literally decades of experience developing custom tooling using the latest 3-D CAD software.

First Gear Custom Tooling and Custom Imprinting

The outstanding quality of First Gear products and services will be a reflection of the pride you place in your own corporate image. Our primary goal is to maintain the highest standard of quality and service, which is why more companies, organizations and charitable groups have made First Gear their first choice for their premium and promotional needs.

So whether you are interested in a custom imprint program or in a custom tooling program, our experienced sales team is ready to serve you.
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