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1/50 scale Kenworth T880

First Gear is excited to announce a new vocational truck into our 1/50 scale product line --- the Kenworth T880!

Kenworth has been in the truck manufacturing business for 90 years (1923-2013) and has a reputation of “The World’s Best.”  In 1912 two brothers, George T. and Louis Gerlinger, Jr., were running a successful Ford Motor Company car and truck dealership, called Gerlinger Motor Car Works, in Portland, Oregon.  While running the business they had been working on an idea to build a better truck, and by 1914 they decided to begin manufacturing their own. The key feature which would set their truck apart from all the other trucks being manufactured at the time was an inline 6-cylinder engine, the first time this had ever been done with a commercial vehicle.  Introduced to the public in 1915 the Gersix, as this new truck was called, was both very strong (structural steel frame) and very powerful --- and perfect for use in the logging areas of the Northwest.    

The brothers relocated the business to Tacoma, Washington in 1916, where they became tenants in a commercial property that was being managed by a gentleman named Edgar K. Worthington on behalf of his mother.  Worthington became intrigued by the business, observing that it seemed to be doing quite well given the growing popularity of the Gersix truck in the region. The following year Worthington and his business partner, Captain Frederick Kent, made an offer to purchase the company and became the proud new owners.  One of their first orders of business was to rename the company, changing it to Gersix Motor Company.       

Just two years later, in 1919, Captain Kent retired and his son, Harry Kent, replaced him in the partnership. The company continued its rapid rate of growth under the new partnership.  Because the trucks were made to order, they were assembled in individual bays rather than on an assembly line.   

Gersix Motor Co. built and sold 53 trucks in 1922. By 1923 Kent and Worthington were in need of capital so they reincorporated, changing the company name at the same time.  The new company name was derived from the last names of Mr. Kent (“Ken”) and Mr. Worthington (“Worth”), to become “Kenworth” Motor Company.   A new headquarters was also established, in Seattle, Washington. 

Vernon Smith was hired in 1924 as a truck salesman. Sales increased that year to 80 trucks sold, followed by 100 trucks sold a year later. Every truck was ‘made to order’ as there was no standard assembly line.  This would benefit Kenworth greatly during the Great Depression when, in 1932, they began manufacturing fire trucks.  For the most part individual fire companies would request custom built trucks to meet their specific company needs. Kenworth had no problem meeting their specifications.  

By 1927 Kenworth was producing three (3) trucks per week. Manufacturing in Canada also began that year, in part to avoid the expensive duty charges for shipping trucks across the border, where the popularity of Kenworth trucks was also growing rapidly. 

Kenworth was also the first company in the U.S. to offer diesel engines as standard equipment, beginning in 1933. The diesel engine was very successful for Kenworth and welcomed by truckers and trucking companies because of the fuel and cost savings associated with it. This same year Kenworth was also the first truck manufacturer to offer a “sleeper cab” which enabled the driver to sleep in the truck. Kenworth was also among the first companies to provide a cab-over-engine (COE) cab option.    

In 1945 Kenworth became a subsidiary of the Pacific Car and Foundry Company, now known as PACCAR Inc. Today the company is located in Kirkland, WA which is a suburb of Seattle. It continues to be a leading manufacturer of outstanding and very popular medium and heavy duty trucks.  Among them is the new T880, which we are very proud to introduce into our product line.

The Kenworth T880 is known to be a truck designed at its core with the strength, stamina and operating economy that is needed to get the job done well and efficiently.  The T880 is the most versatile vehicle to roll off an assembly line as it is custom-engineered from bumper to taillight.  This new truck has the capability to haul 140,000 pounds through the mountains, yet can also navigate through the congested city streets.

With the low sloped hood and wide open visibility, the T880 has the go-anywhere, do-anything tactic that gives the driver a sense of relief knowing the truck will make the job run smoothly.  The T880 also offers a variety of specialized options to get exactly what is needed for a specific payload and operating requirements.

With ninety years of putting trucks on the road, Kenworth has studied a great deal about how to design a truck that is built to work in the real world.  With strength and endurance to work harder and last longer, trucks need to have maximum payload with minimal tare weight and have the ability to move over and through tough job sites without being compromised, which is exactly the specifications that were used to design the trusted Kenworth T880.

It is important to keep the driver informed and in control of all aspects of the truck while operating.  Kenworth’s exclusive leather-wrapped SmartWheel® multifunction steering wheel puts frequently used controls under the driver’s finger tips for convenient operation.  In addition, Kenworth’s NavPlus® is a revolutionary interface and production tool for the driver’s use.  It is the first system in the industry to offer optimized routes customized to the truck parameters and carrying load.  NavPlus seamlessly integrates vehicle navigation, entertainment, diagnostics and communication into one full-color touchscreen.  Each of these high-tech features comes standard in the T880.

In addition to the revolutionary technology, the T880 features a quiet, spacious, state-of-the-art control center that is suitable for operators of all shapes and sizes.  The seating in the T880 has superior comfort with ride suspension and heating/cooling circulation, along with extensive adjustability to meet each driver’s comfort level.  Other ergonomic elements have been designed with the driver’s interest in mind.  For example, the firewall-mounted brake petal reduces leg strain which means less driver fatigue at the end of the day.

The Kenworth T880 has also been designed to keep operation running on all cylinders, all the time with peak efficiency and minimal down time.  Kenworth has designed a truck that allows for easy maintenance & service checks.  For example, a pass-through firewall provides ready access from the hood to troubleshoot air and electrical systems and a 5-piece hood offers bolt-on fenders for quick replacement.

And last but not least, this impressive machine is powered by the PACCAR MX-13 engine.  This highly efficient, clean running engine delivers up to 500 hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque, while maintaining industry leading fuel economy at near-zero emissions.

The Kenworth legend reads like a history of progress in Class 8 truck design, with each chapter marked by remarkable vehicles that don’t just lead the industry, but inspire the industry to turn in a whole new direction.

With that in mind, First Gear honored to release the 1/50 scale Kenworth T880 available with our existing dump body, and as a tri-axle tractor that can be paired with our existing tri-axle lowboy and bottom dump trailers.  In addition to these three models combinations there is also one more ALL NEW body option available --- see more details below!

Our 1/50 scale Kenworth T880 cab features an opening hood with authentic engine detail as well as an accurately detailed cab interior.  The engine components include valve covers, radiator & hoses, left & right inner cooler tubes, air box & hose, turbo & controls, washer bottle, and coolant bottle.  The cab features include roof-mounted air horns, chrome grille, grab bars, left & right side mirrors, visor, chrome fuel tank cap, and chrome exhaust stack. Underneath the truck you’ll see more authentic detail including the gearbox w/ driveshaft, transmission, oil pan, front & rear suspension with differential covers, brake detail….this truck is loaded!!

In addition to the above mentioned features of the cab, the tractor version third pusher axle, behind the cab hydraulic tank and chain rack, along with pivoting fifth-wheel for trailer attachment.  On all versions there is an optional front bumper mounted signboard.


1/50 scale Vactor® 2100 Plus PD Combination Sewer Cleaner

As noted above, the 1/50 scale Kenworth T880 has an ALL NEW body option and here it is --- the Vactor 2100 Plus PD Combination Sewer Cleaner!

For more than 100 years, Vactor Manufacturing has provided customers around the world with a wide range of material handling equipment. Originally founded in Chicago in 1911 as the Myers-Sherman Company, a manufacturer of pneumatic farm equipment, Vactor Manufacturing has evolved to become the industry leader in sewer cleaners and catch basin cleaners, jetters, industrial vacuum loaders and vacuum excavation equipment featuring innovative technology and custom-configurable designs.

Their history began with the designing and manufacturing of products such as milking machines, feed blenders and mixers, and grain storage and conveying systems. The pneumatic conveying systems in these original products provided the incentive for their success as a global leader in the manufacturing of sewer cleaners.

The Vactor 2100 Series combination sewer cleaner was first introduced in late 1989 and has been continuously improved since then. This series of sewer cleaning trucks features the Modul-Flex Design that allows every customer to build a machine engineered to their specifications.

In 2009, the Vactor 2100 Series Plus was introduced to offer the latest technologies available in a sewer cleaner.  The 2100 Plus combination sewer cleaner features increased vacuum performance, improvements to operator comfort and control, and fuel, air routing and filtration efficiency.  It also has many safety features and is considered a “Smart Truck” with IntelliView™ that monitors all aspects of the truck and making sure it is working properly.

The Positive Displacement (PD) configuration has a PD blower that is chassis-driven, which not only boosts efficiency and reliability, it also eliminates the maintenance and replacement parts for belts, pulleys, clutches, etc.  The Vactor 2100 Plus PD has the multi-stage blower filtration system that features dual air ports that maximizes material separation in the debris body and stainless steel ball shut offs to prevent liquid debris carryover.  Centrifugal cyclone technology also removes escaped particles and condensation, while stainless steel screen strainers protect the blower from particles as small as 750 microns.  The 2100 Plus PD has easy access filter screens and convenient cyclone dump chutes making it one of the most user friendly models available.

First Gear is pleased to release the addition of this model into our product line.  The 1/50 scale Vactor 2100 Plus PD Combination Sewer Cleaner features ­­tilting debris body, opening rear door, telescoping front mounted hose reel, Jet Rodder® pump detail, chrome plated water tanks and other accessories and detailed chassis and undercarriage.  When this new body is paired with the new Kenworth T880 cab the replica measures about 9” long by 2.5” wide and 3.25” high and is comprised of nearly 200 component parts.

We hope you are just as excited about this model as we are and hope these models find their way into your collection soon.

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